KDProTools KD33 Series Deluxe Field Technician Tool Kit

This kit is made to order and can be customized to meet you needs! 11 different versions of this kits currently available.

This kit includes:

6 Slotted and 4 Phillips Screwdrivers
Offset Ratcheting Screwdriver, PH/SL
Jeweler's Screwdriver Set, 5pc
PH/SL Screwstarter
Feeler Gauge Set
Ball Peen Hammer
2 Hex Key Sets (Inch and Metric)
Blade Handles (Regular and Tee)
9 Nutdriver Blades (Inch)
Electrician's Knife and Scissors
File Set, 6pc
Inspection Mirror
Straight and Curved Hemostats, 5"
Chain Nose and Long Nose Pliers
Diagonal Cut Pliers, 4-1/4" and 5-1/4"
Groove Joint Pliers, 10"
Parts Box
Locking Pliers, 5" Curved Jaw
Internal Retaining Ring Pliers
Flashlight (2AAA)
IC Extraction Tool
Punches (1 Center, 2 Pin)
Precision Knife with #11 Blades
Receptacle Tester
Socket Set, 1/4" Drive (14pc Inch)
Solder Iron
Solder Aid, Fork and Reamer
Desolder Tool
Spudger and Trimpot Adjustment Tool
3 Spring Tools (Pull, Push, and Combo)
Stainless Steel Rule, 6"
Tape Measure, 12'/3.5m
Security Torx Key Set (TT6-TT25)
Reverse Action Tweezers
Wire Crimper/Stripper, 10-22 AWG
T Strippers, 10-18AWG, 16-26 AWG
Adjustable Wrench, 8"
Chapman Bit Set, 39pc
Ignition Wrench Set

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