KDProTools KD66 Series Bio-Medical Technician Tool Kit

The ideal tool kit for Bio-Med technicians. This kit contains over 180 of the standard tools needed to do the job in the shop or anywhere. Choose from four different case style options of varying sizes and add Fluke Meters to make this kit exactly what you need it to be.

This kit includes:

5 Slotted and 5 Phillips Screwdrivers
Offset Ratcheting Screwdriver
Jeweler's Screwdriver Set, 5pc
PH/SL Screwstarter
Feeler Gauge Set
File Set with Wood Handles, 6pc
Ball Peen Hammer, 4oz
Straight Hemostat
2 Hex Key Sets (Inch and Metric)
Blade Handles (Regular, Junior, Tee)
Hexdriver Blades (Inch and Metric)
Nutdriver Blades (Inch and Metric)
Electrician's Knife, Scissors, and Tape
Inspection Mirror
Chain Nose and Long Nose Pliers
Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Groove Joint and Slip Joint Pliers
Locking Pliers with Curved Jaw
Penlight Flashlight (2AA)
Retaining Ring Pliers
Punches (1 Center, 2 Pin)
Receptacle Tester
Scribe Awl
Socket Set, 1/4" Drive (Inch and Metric)
Soldering Iron
Solder Aid Set,5pc
Desolder Tool
Pocket Pack Solder
Spring Tools (Pull and Push)
Stainless Steel Rule, 6"
Tape Measure, 12'/3.5m
Tamper-Proof Torx Key Set
Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool
Combo Wire Stripper, Crimper, Cutter
Wire Stripper
Adjustable Wrenches, 4" and 8"
Ignition Wrench Sets (Inch and Metric)

9 different versions of this available and all completely customizable!

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